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Psych2go features various psychological findings and myths. In the future, psych2go attempts to include sources to posts for the for the purpose of generating discussions and commentaries. This will give readers a chance to critically examine psychology.
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Love Disney? This blog is everything Disney!
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Soey Milk (b. 1989, Seoul, Korea) - The Spirit Tree    Drawings: Wax Pencil on Vellum
"Lay with me Cersei, I incest" - Jaime Lannister, probably, at some point (via stupid-fucking-rope)

"How to kill someone;
Hold their hand and then never touch their skin again,
See them nearly everyday and pretend they don’t exist,
Act like everything you ever said to them was a lie." - Was this your plan all along?  (via ckgarden)

(Source: iclungtoy0u)

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"I started promising myself to
never stay anywhere I’m not
very much wanted. I have too
many scars to be breaking
my bones to fit into places
that weren’t made to fit me." - anne, maybe I always feel out of place because I’m always placing myself where I don’t belong. (via floorboardcreak)

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Alex Turner - Arctic Monkeys

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